Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Let the Light Shine Through the Negative

Our Outlook On Life


One day while meditating, a number of years ago, I heard this come up from somewhere within, my spirit I think. I believe God was speaking.
 Positives are developed from negatives by shining the light through the negative!

God pointed me to the natural development of Black and White film and that I was to use the scientific application of it as an illustration of a spiritual principle.

In taking the basic principles of the development of still shots from a basic camera, the Lord was able to draw spiritual parallels to the natural. In this article I want to go through those basic steps and apply them spiritually. 

Natural Principle
Spiritual Principle
1.      The negative is produced through a processing of the film. Although important, it is not the focus of this writing.
1.      A negative situation develops in our lives, causing us to see only the negative.
2.      After the negative had dried and set then can begin the process of producing the positive.
2.      Once we have gone through a seemingly totally negative situation, the understanding process can begin.
3.      Blank specially coated paper is used to project the negative image on.
3.      God creates the setting in our lives that will help us see the negative projected in our lives.
4.      Inherent in the paper is the ability to manifest the positive
4.      The “paper” used is the Life of Christ within
5.      The negative is inserted between the light and the paper with the ability to change the negative and receive the positive
5.      We must bring to the light the negative situation or circumstance, placing it before the Father of Lights with our hearts receptive.
6.      For a period of time, in the dark room, with only the safety light on, the light is shone through the negative.
a.      The safety light in no way inhibits the process.
b.      Light shining through the negative
6.      Let the light of Jesus focus through the negative.
a.      The light of God shining through the Blood of Jesus will not inhibit the process but will enough light to see how the process develops.
b.      The transparency of the negative situation allows the receptive heart to receive the image of Christ.

7.      The picture is imprinted on the receptive paper by the light.
7.      Light of the glorious Gospel Shines in the face of Jesus through the negative situation imprinting the positive on our hearts(Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks)
8.      When the light through the negative is stopped, the imprint is not immediately visible.
8.      The immediate result of letting the light of Life shine through the negative circumstance or situation is not immediately evident.
9.      There is a further process to set the image indelibly into the photo paper.
9.      Further processing of God sets the image permanently into the receptive heart.
10.  All of this is done in a “DARK ROOM”
10.  If you allow Him to, He will do all this internally and there will not need to be any ‘exposure to others’, only the Light of God and the power of the Blood of Jesus.
11.  Prepare the developer, stop bath and fixer chemicals as directed on the packaging. Pour them into separate chemical trays and place them on a table in the darkroom in the order above
11.  Allow God time to prepare you develop the truth in your life.
a.      A situation in which imprinted truths from the negative are brought to light.
b.      Stop bath = knowing there is an end to the development of that truth in you. He is the one keeping an eye on His image in that area of your life.
c.       Fixer = He seals the work done in you and sets the image of Himself in that area of your life.
d.      He washes any excess from the situation by speaking a rinsing or cleansing Word into your spirit.
12.  Seal the darkroom against light leaks and turn on the safelight. Photographic paper must not be exposed to any kind of light except a red or amber safelight specifically designed for darkroom usage.

12.  Underline He does it where no one else can see. Submit all to the light of the Blood of Jesus. NOTE: It is called a safelight.
.   Position the negative in the enlarger, turn on the enlarger lamp and focus it onto the easel below. The light from the enlarger should shine through the negative
13.  Note: The Light from the Enlarger should shine through the negative!!!
a.      The positive will always be larger than the negative
b.      The key is in the FOCUS.
c.       Focus without heart in place.
14.   Turn off the enlarger lamp and place an unexposed sheet of photo paper on the easel
14.  Note the positioning before the paper/heart is placed in place. There are times when all seems darkness even though there seems to be focus.
15.    Expose the negative onto the photo paper by briefly turning on the enlarger lamp. The time for the exposure will depend on the density of the negative, the size of the enlargement and the intensity of the enlarger lamp
15.    The amount of exposure of the Light through the negative depends on the density of the situation, the size of the image required and the brightness of the Light. In all of these things the Holy Spirit must be the guide. It is important for us to realize the principle to allow Him to do the work.
16.  The picture slowly appears as it is under the developer.
16.  It is at this point that the details of the positive worked into the life and imprinted by the light shining through the negative, begin to come clear .
17.   Remove the photo paper from the developer tray by the corner with the tongs. Hold the sheet over the tray for several seconds until most of the developer drips back into the tray
17.  When the picture becomes clear then God lifts you out of the developing tray, draining off the excess. It is this time that the positives become even clearer.
18.  .. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 for the stop bath and fixer trays
18.  The stop bath, stops the processing and seals it into the life.
19.  .. Repeat Steps 6 and 7 for the fixer bath
19.  The fixer bath places a permanent coating so that there will be no fading. 
20.    .. After the fixer bath you can then examine the print under regular lights
21.  After God has taken you through that which establishes the principle permanently in your life, the former negative experience can be examined in the light of normal circumstances.
22.  Only then can it be subject to a continual washing of water until all of the “processing” is totally rinsed away.
23.  This continual washing of Water by The Word, washes away any excesses of the process that has been gone through that could allow decay to the image imprinted.
24.  After an extended washing (20-30 min), the photo should be hung to dry with a clothes peg by one of its corners.
25.  After the extended time in washing of Water by The Word, which is a Rhema Word, then there is a drying of the experience getting it ready for framing, or permanent display.

There are a few other principles that should be considered in the light of all of this. 

1.      When looking at the negative, as compared to the positive, 

a.      The black in the negative becomes white in the positive
b.      The white in the negative becomes black in the positive.
c.       The red in the negative becomes green in the positive
d.      The green in the negative becomes red in the positive.

This principle holds true in the spiritual. ALL THINGS ARE NOT AS THEY APPEAR.

By looking at the surface of the negative, without the above understanding or guidance to discernment, I will always see the situation different that what it will become.

There are a number of other principles that could be expanded on, but this is sufficient for us at this point to be able to meditate on.

May the Lord give you eyes to see,

Dr. Bill

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Anonymous said...

Having stood beside my grandfather in the dark room at the age of 4, it is this transformation that gave me hope and trust in a process it took years to comprehend. It does not yet appear what we shall be, but we know when He shall appear, we shall be like HIM.
Thank you for the lovely analogy. It certainly was God inspired.